Club foundation: 2016

Modalities: kickboxing, muay-thai, k1, lightkick (under the tutelage of the Portuguese kickboxing and muay-thai federation), kung-fu sanda (combat)

Athletes: 30

Club foundation: 1987

Modalities: Football, Trial

Athletes: 180 (Futebol), 1 (Trial)

Club foundation: 2010

Modalities: kung fu, sanda

Athletes: 50

Club foundation: 1987

Modalities: Athletics (track, trail, road and cross)

Athletes: 80-100

Club foundation: 1979

Modalities: Sailing – Competition in the following classes of sailing boats: Optimist; Vaurien; Laser Standart; Laser Radial; Laser 4.7; 420; Hansa ACCESS (adaptaded sailing); Formula Windsurf

Athletes: 48

Club foundation: 1994

Modalities: Canoeing in 12 specialties, including 5 competition

Athletes: 2844 (in 2016)

Club foundation: 1995

Modalities: Basketball, Fencing, Gymnastics, Roller Hockey, Swimming, Figure Skating, Trail Running, BTT and Triathlon

Athletes: 1500

Club foundation: 1976

Modalities: Judo and Self-defense

Athletes: 82 (in 2016)

Club foundation: 1925

Modalities: Shooting Sports; Archery (this section started in the 12/13 season); Shooting with Hunting Weapons

Athletes: 65

Club foundation: 1898

Modalities: 5

Athletes: 450

Club foundation: 2009

Modalities: XCO (Cross Country Olympic) e XCM (Cross Country Maraton)

Athletes: 20

Club foundation: 2012

Modalities: variantes do remo: rowing variants: academy; initiation; formation; competition; recreation; tourism; adapted; indoor rowing; yolle; sea; rowing school

Athletes: 400

Club foundation: 2002

Modalities: Swimming

Athletes: 85