Sport Clube Vianense

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Sport fishing

Founded on March 13, 1898 (oldest club in the county of Viana do Castelo). Institution of public utility

Medal of good sports services and honor to the Portuguese Republic.

Medal of merit awarded by the Municipal Council of Viana do Castelo

It has 500 federated athletes, with greater incidence in the modality of soccer, where competes in all the age groups, of district and national scope.
In the present sport season participates in the levels of initiates, juveniles and juniors in the respective national championships.

In the sporting seasons of 1998/99, in the modality of soccer of 11 was national champion of the 3ª division, in 1986/87, in the modality of volleyball, was national champion of the 1ª division, feminine seniors and at the moment has a national champion of judo.

Throughout its history and in several sporting modalities, several athletes have become national champions, as in judo, karate and sport fishing.